Garage / ADU

New “2-1/2 Car” Garages are a very common request in central Denver.  Professional Design is important when Garages have such a visual and functional impact on your outdoor space.  These projects can include rehabilitating an existing garage, expanding an inadequate garage or building a new one.

If you find yourself needing a separate living space, you may want to consider an Accessory Dwelling Unit (“ADU”).  ADUs are usually combined with a Garage which means that in addition to storing vehicles you would have Habitable Living Space for an Apartment, In-Law Suite, Studio or Office.  ADUs have a unique set of Building Codes and Zoning Codes that require professional and creative design as well as a knowledgeable builder.  We can help figure out what is possible on your lot at our initial meeting at your house and investigate further through our design process.  The photos below depict the kinds of Garage / ADU Projects that we can design and build for you.