This Multi-Step Process ensures clarity, consistency and quality in every project.

Initial Site Visit – We meet with you at your site to discuss goals & priorities.  We take a lot of notes and give some initial feedback on your project ideas.

Design Agreement – We send you the design agreement within a week of the initial site visit.  Signing this and paying a flat design fee, hires us for the initial design services.

Photo & Measure – We take detailed measurements & photos of the work area and adjacent areas to document everything that we use to draft as-builts.

Review Schemes – We meet with you in our office to review design schemes of varying solutions to your needs using our 3D modeling software on a large screen.

Review Estimate – We meet with you in our office to review a set of plans and detailed estimate of the project that was determined through the scheme review meetings.

Subcontractor Walk-thrus & Product Selection – We conduct site walk-thrus to get hard bids for the subcontractors’ portions of your project.  We also conduct meetings with you at showrooms to select the finished materials.

Construction Contract – We meet with you in our office to review a revised set of plans and detailed estimate with a final price resulting from the site walk-thrus.

Draft Construction Schedule – We draft a detailed schedule to inform you of our plans and to help coordinate everyone involved in your project from start to finish.

Construction Starts – The week before work starts we have a Pre-Construction meeting with you onsite to discuss logistical and daily living details.

Construction Complete – When the project is ready for your use, we will conduct a Substantial Completion meeting with you to draft a Punchlist of odds/ends to finish.