Whole House

A Whole House Remodeling Project is a combination of Addition, Kitchen, Bathroom, Basement, Interior and Exterior Projects.  Whole House projects are often fairly complex and intertwined with other areas, they are the most cost effective and take the least amount of time when built concurrently. If living in the house during the project is a priority, we are experienced in sequencing construction in a way that makes that possible.  Also, Whole House projects can impact finished areas of the house outside of the project’s focus.  We make these “outside of focus” areas as clear as possible from the initial idea phase through the design process before construction ever starts with our detailed knowledge of Denver’s original home structures and systems.  This is a common difference between us and our low-bid competitors who prefer to act surprised later and hike the price with costly change orders.  While these projects are complex and challenging, it is why we enjoy them so much.  The photos below depict the kinds of Whole House Projects that we can design and build for you.